Abundance Collection

MiniLuxe Fall Polish 2019

Heather grey wool scarves, cognac knee-high boots, millennial purple flannels–the Abundance Collection helps these Fall staples pop with inspiring gemstone shades. Diverse, powerful colors that complement outfits that take you from the bonfire to the boardroom, reminding us that Fall isn’t the end of celebration and revelry–but a chance to embrace the MiniMoments of change to come.


Amethyst’s hazy purple hue is known for helping to ward off negative vibes and shedding unhealthy habits–an essential for embracing MiniMoments of change.


Citrine’s radiant yellow symbolizes manifestation, imagination, and personal will, making it the perfect color for setting new goals and making them happen.


The smoldering reddish orange of Carnelian is said to inspire confidence and energy, giving you an uplifting bump on those brisk Fall days. 


The rich and royal deep purple Garnet embodies both sensuality and protection of the heart, for when you need to keep the good things in–and the bad things out.


Whether your leaving something (or someone) in the past or opening yourself to something new, the healing and harmonious hue of Rose Quartz is the perfect shade for maintaining harmony in relationships.


However you define abundance, the prosperity of Jade’s deep green pairs with those who are ambitious and unrelenting in the work they do.


When life throws a lot at us, it’s best to go back to basics and simplify–which is why Hematite’s grounding light gray is recognized as a way to clear the confusion and clutter in our lives.  


Said to be the stone of deep self-knowledge, the expansive blue of Lapis is a perfect expression of the personal work you’ve done to get where you are today.