At-Home Signature Manicure

When life gets too busy to visit one of our studios, use these simple steps to have a MiniLuxe moment at home. It is always worth the time.  Collect Your Materials MiniLuxe Pure Shine topcoat  MiniLuxe Perfect Prime base coat  MiniLuxe Nourishing Oil Rollerball  MiniLuxe No Smudge Finisher (drying drops)  Hand lotion  Nail-polish remover (acetone)  Cotton pads  Isopropyl alcohol  Nail clippers  Nail buffer with rough […]

Easy At-Home Gel Removal

Stuck at home with gel, We’ve got you covered. Follow these 6 easy steps to get your gel off your nails safely and ready for your next manicure. Collect Your Materials 100% Pure Acetone  Cotton balls  Tinfoil – Regular Kitchen Foil OR Nail Foil Wraps File  Buffer  Orange wood stick or Plastic Pusher You should be able […]

How to Prolong Your Manicure

Life isn’t always easy, especially on your nails. That’s why we’ve put together 4 expert tips to help your manicure last longer.

MiniLuxe “Must-Have” Product

Typing on your laptop? Gardening? Giving the kids a bath? Texting? Our hands handle a lot and as it turns out, some researchers believe active hands are a key to making our brains happy. So, let’s take care of our natural mood boosters and give them the love they deserve. Our Roller Ball Nourishing Oil […]