The Pride of MiniLuxe

At MiniLuxe there are few women we admire more than our own employees. So, in celebration of Pride Month we’re spotlighting Audrey and Nikki, co-workers and life partners in our Hingham location. Miniluxe: Tell us how you met? Audrey: We were born in a small village in Thailand and met when we were very young, maybe 2, 3 years old. We studied together […]

Clean and Safe Is Why We Started

Have you ever wondered why there are no “typical” nail salon smells at a MiniLuxe studio? Or, what goes on inside our purple-tinted Clean Lab? What’s the difference between our tool sterilization process and those at other salons? What does clean really look like? For more than a decade, we’ve been the Pioneers of Clean. For […]

Celebrating Our Girl Power

We would be nothing without our workforce and the talent they provide. That’s why we’re thrilled to be celebrating our employees as a part of our 2020 Women We Admire series. Our Women We Admire series was created to bring interesting, motivated, aspirational women together; so naturally we must celebrate every Boss Lady, Miss Independent, and Go […]

MiniLuxe Founder’s Letter

Our founding backgrounds in biochemistry, and our own personal immigrant stories, inspire us to set the highest possible standards.