Clarity Collection Feature: Alyssa on Dreamer

To bring our Clarity Collection to life we asked our studio teams to create a design featuring a color from the spring collection.

Alyssa, a nail designer from our Hingham, MA studio created a contemporary, elegant look using Dreamer , Blossom and Reflection from our spring collection, Clarity. Keep reading to learn more about Alyssa, her journey as a nail artist and the inspo behind her gorgeous design.

MiniLuxe: Tell us about yourself and your journey as a nail designer – how did you come to work at MiniLuxe?

Alyssa: I’m a digital artist and intermediate video gamer. I’ve always been in love with creating art since I was little. While I was eating dinner with my Grandmother, she brought up trying Nail Art, and I thought I’d give it a try. So I went to school, got my license and landed here, with Miniluxe.

Miniluxe: What does “Clarity” mean to you?

Alyssa: For me, Clarity means transparency and mindfulness. To be who you are and understand everything, and everyone around you.

Miniluxe: What does “Dreamer” mean to you?

Alyssa: I connect with Dreamer because I’ve always known myself as the girl who’s looking to the future. I’m always looking to improve and create. I tend to find myself lost in day-dreams, and have to remind myself to come back to the present.

MiniLuxe: Tell us about your nail art design/style – how would you describe it and where did you draw inspiration from?

Alyssa: I’ve found myself to be a modern/minimalistic. I love the elegance in simplicity. It’s also fun to see how everyone views one piece of art. My inspiration came from the first flower buds blooming on vining plants. The pastels in the Clarity Collection are perfect for spring, and the shimmer adds a touch of elegance. I feel that it is important to be simple, so it can look beautiful on everyone.

MiniLuxe: Why did you choose Dreamer as your color?

Alyssa: Dreamer is everything I love about pastel blues. It’s soft, sweet and simple. It’s not too light, washing out your skin, and not too flashy, catching everyone’s eye. Paired with Blossom, they make a beautiful pair.

MiniLuxe: Tell us about your team at Hingham – how do you all support each other?

Alyssa: The Hingham team is amazing. We are all kind and helpful to one another.  Whenever any of us falls behind, or needs a hand, everyone offers to help, without hesitation.

Everyone works together as a family. – Alyssa Dutcher.

MiniLuxe: What’s your ideal MiniMoment? What do you do when you’re not working to care for your mind, body or soul?

Alyssa: My ideal MiniMoment when not working on my mind, body, and soul would be playing relaxing video games with my friends, with my pup by my feet. Just having easy conversations with the people I love most is all I need.

MiniLuxe: Who’s a woman you admire and why?

Alyssa: The woman I admire is my partner of 10 years, Rachelle. She has been through every bump and hurdle I’ve come across, and pushes me through the toughest times. Through the years, watching her overcome all her hardships has inspired me to try harder and enjoy the little things. She’s opened my eyes to so many beautiful things the world has to offer, and reminds me to be mindful and kind to everyone I meet.

MiniLuxe: Whose nails would you like to get your hands on and why?

Alyssa:  I honestly would love to get my hands on anyone who wants to be open and creative with nail art.

MiniLuxe: If you could only wear one nail polish color for the rest of your life, what color would it be?

Alyssa:  The one nail polish color I could wear for the rest of my life is a deep, almost black, blue with a shimmer. I love colors that make me think of a starry night sky!

If you’re in Massachusetts and want to book with Alyssa, follow the steps below –

1.Click this link: https://bit.ly/31jx3Fz

2. Select your desired service.

3. Select Hingham as your studio.

4. Select Alyssa as your nail designer.