Clarity Collection Feature: Ana Cristina on Blank Canvas

To bring our Clarity Collection to life we asked our studio teams to create a design featuring a color from the spring collection.

Ana Cristina, a nail designer from our Legacy, TX studio created a chic, geometric look using Blank Canvas and Centered from our spring collection, Clarity. Keep reading to learn more about Ana Cristina, her journey as a nail artist and the inspiration behind her vibrant design.

MiniLuxe: Tell us about yourself and your journey as a nail designer – how did you come to work at MiniLuxe?

Ana Cristina: I’m actually a cosmetologist! As a little girl I really wanted to have a fun and creative career so I set my eyes on hair! While completing my training I quickly realized that my true passion was for nails. After graduating I worked at a hair salon where I did a little bit of everything; from receptionist, to hair stylist, and then manicurist. During my time at this salon, I worked with all kinds of products that had harmful chemicals in them. I started noticing that these products were damaging my clients nails and affecting my own health so I set out in search of a new salon that offered a clean environment and natural products. That is when I found MiniLuxe! MiniLuxe has opened my eyes to the world of healthy, natural nails. I know I’ve found exactly where I’m supposed to be!

Miniluxe: What does “Clarity” mean to you?

Ana Cristina: Clarity, to me, is having a focused and clear state of mind. Having mental clarity allows your true and creative self to come to life to help achieve your goals. 

Miniluxe: What does “Blank Canvas” mean to you?

Ana Cristina: For me, a blank canvas symbolizes a fresh start, new opportunities, and a way to show the whole world just who you are.

MiniLuxe: Tell us about your nail art design/style – how would you describe it and where did you draw inspiration from?

Ana Cristina: To be honest, I don’t feel like I conform to one particular style. I’m drawn to a little bit of everything! My biggest focus is making my client happy; whether that be with a simple, minimalist design or a full set of cheetah print! I took a more geometric approach to today’s look!

MiniLuxe: Why did you choose Blank Canvas as your color?

Ana Cristina: Blank Canvas is such a beautiful neutral color. The first day we rolled out the Clarity Collection in the studio I believe I used it all day, it was so popular! The color looked amazing on everyone, every shade and skin tone, it complemented everyone I polish. It is hard to come across a color that is so diverse. MiniLuxe nailed it with Blank Canvas!

MiniLuxe: Tell us about your team at Legacy – how do you all support each other?

Ana Cristina: My team is my second family! They are such amazing, helpful, and talented people. If one of us is running over on time, another team member is always there to set up or  clean a station for you. We can ask each other questions, without judgment, on new techniques or tips and tricks on nail art, massaging, etc. I am very grateful and proud to be a part of the Legacy family! 

We all share our knowledge and experiences which helps us become better nail designers and a stronger team.- Ana Cristina

MiniLuxe: What’s your ideal MiniMoment? What do you do when you’re not working to care for your mind, body or soul?

Ana Cristina: My ideal MiniMoment consists of a rainy day, lots of snacks, and a good movie! Movies allow my mind to wander off into the world of make believe. While watching I can often ask myself what I think I would do in their situation or how cool it would be to live in that place or time period! I love to get lost in a great movie!

MiniLuxe: Who’s a woman you admire and why?

Ana Cristina: Definitely my mom. The thing I most admire about her is her strength. Even on her toughest days, she still manages to keep a smile on her face . She has always been there for me, giving me advice and encouragement. She inspires me everyday to reach my goals and to be the best version of myself that I can be. One Day when I have my own children, I hope to be an amazing mother just like her.

MiniLuxe: Whose nails would you like to get your hands on and why?

Ana Cristina: Someone who will be open minded and can collaborate ideas with me to create something amazing! Using any nail shape, color, or design! 

MiniLuxe: If you could only wear one nail polish color for the rest of your life, what color would it be?

Ana Cristina: I would honestly wear Blank Canvas forever, it is the perfect nude that goes with absolutely everything! I don’t think I  would ever get tired of it!

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