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Connected Women Are Good For Business

A chat with MiniLuxe CEO Zoe Krislock
MiniLuxe wants more than to simply “do business” in the communities our studios are in--we want to be a part of them. That’s why we created our Women We Admire Series.

As a female-focused business, we look to those in our communities who are leading and inspiring others, and celebrate these leaders through our Women We Admire series: a gathering that we hope helps to spark fun, spontaneous, MiniMoments of connection, conversation and celebration for anyone who comes through our doors.  These events are an extension of the culture we maintain in all our studios: Empowering people by encouraging the growth and personal development of our teams while building meaningful relationships with our clients. 

Speaking to these values, we chatted with our CEO, Zoe Krislock, to get her thoughts on women in business, mentorship and career advice. 

How has connecting with other professional women advanced your career?

“It’s been a career of learning for me.  Originally, when I entered the workforce you needed to be competitive with women, but over the course of my journey I have realized that women can be great mentors – they are willing to share ideas, give advice when needed and can appreciate where you are in your journey. So, as I grew in my career, rather than view other women as a “threat,” I realized that other women were a “safe harbor” to ask questions. Collaborating with other women is a great way to learn, ask questions and share opportunities.” 

What women have inspired you? 

“When I think about mentors, I think about Jeanne Jackson who is an iconic retail industry leader I was lucky enough to work under her, for a period of time, at Nike.  As a high-level mentor, she was key in my evolution as a leader.  I have also been fortunate to have incredible peers over the years and they have been an important, if not the most important, asset in learning, generating creative ideas and keeping my energy.  Throughout my entire career the teams I’ve worked with in all my roles, their passion, energy and commitment have always been the best part of each day.  From those teams I have watched many women get promoted and do amazing things for different companies around the world.”   

Why Women We Admire? 

“There’s space for everybody and women have a unique approach to business.  Women are here to help each other and cheer for each other.  With our [The Women We Admire series], we take that energy and put interesting, motivated, aspirational women together.  It’s a great environment to create energy, meet amazing people and share stories.  Most importantly though, having these events at our studios, in an environment where you go do something personal for yourself, takes away the intimidation of the typical meet and greet networking event.  It’s at your studio in your neighborhood.” 

 “Most importantly though, having these events at our studios, in an environment where you go do something personal for yourself, takes away the intimidation of the typical meet and greet networking event.”

Advice For Women to be Successful in Business? 

“The way to be successful is to have enough confidence to ask for help, meet people and make great relationships.  Positive professional relationships can help you in so many ways:  To give advice, teach you when you need some help, support you when you’re down and cheer for you when you win.  It makes your career much more robust and more interesting.  Build these partnerships and relationships with people so that they’re there for all the points in your journey.  I think that’s the biggest change in the work environment for women today versus the past.  Encouragement to win versus “I want to beat you.”  We still want to compete, but everybody can compete and win.”