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Easy At-Home Gel Removal

Keep your nails safe and healthy

Stuck at home with gel, We’ve got you covered. Follow these 6 easy steps to get your gel off your nails safely and ready for your next manicure.

Collect Your Materials

You should be able to find all of these materials at your local drug store (CVS)

Step 1: Breaking the Top Coat

Using your rough file remove the top coat from your nails. Don’t file in one spot for too long because that can lead to file burn (ouch!). It is safe to remove a layer of your polish, but be careful! You don’t want to file too much that you hurt your natural nail. File back and forth several times.

Pro Tip: Make sure you pull away your skin when filing near the cuticle. Hold the file at a 45 degree angle.

Step 2: Wrap and Soak

Section out pieces of tinfoil big enough to be wrapped tightly around each nail. Saturate a cotton ball with the Acetone, place cotton ball on top of nail and wrap tightly with foil. Give your wrapped foil fingers an extra squeeze to help with acetone soaking.

Pro Tip: Do one hand at a time. It will make the removal process SO MUCH easier.

Pro Tip: Warm acetone is most effective for gel removal. Do this using a hot pad or towel.

Step 3: Wait 10 Minutes

Give your nails 10 minutes in your gel wraps before removing.

While you are waiting, here are some ideas to fill your time. Make a cup of tea, de-stress. Spend 10 minutes in meditation. Scroll through our Instagram for nail-inspo ideas!

Step 4: Remove the Polish

One nail at a time remove the tinfoil. Using your plastic pusher (orange wood stick) gently push the loose gel off your nail. This should not require a lot of pressure.

Pro Tip: If polish does not come off easily, lightly rebuff the nail and repeat step 2. (1-2 minutes of soaking)

Pro Tip: Keep the pusher as flat as possible. If your pusher is too angled, you can cause you to harm your nail.

Step 5: Buff the Nail

Gently buff the surface of your nail to remove any final remaining product. Avoid over-buffing to avoid nail thinning and ridging.

Pro Tip: Buff in one direction as much as possible.

Step 6: Post-Care

The gel removal process can be very drying to your nails and skin. Make sure you moisturize! Use our Roller Ball Cuticle Oil to moisturize your cuticles & nails after removal and every day after.

Moisturize daily with hand lotion. When your skin is healthy, your nails are happy.