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Employee Spotlight

Salam Elchami
Our team at MiniLuxe is made up of people who come from a variety of unique backgrounds and experiences. It’s in the diversity of their stories that we derive our strength as a Company and why we’re excited to share the journey that brought them to our family.

Originally living in sunny Southern California, our 296 Newbury Street Associate Studio Director Salam Elchami never expected to find herself living in New England, but was ready to make a radical change in her life. “I was living in Southern California and decided I needed something new,” Salam explains. “My boyfriend was here in Boston, I was really unhappy at the job I had back home and found out through a friend that MiniLuxe was hiring so I said, ‘Why not?’  It was really that spontaneous, like this “MiniMoment” as we say.” 

When she arrived in Boston, Salam interviewed with Studio Director, and our now Nail Director, Christa Robichaud.  Upon meeting everyone, Salam’s doubts about her risky jump to Boston were quickly allayed by the “People First” attitude at MiniLuxe.  “I immediately clicked with Christa and the rest of the designers. It was crazy to fall into such a positive environment so quickly and develop these real friendships that continued after the workday was over.” 

“Honestly, when I started I just looked at this as a part-time job-it was just a ‘nail salon’ to me-but when I began to get close with clients and my team, I realized it was so much more.”

And this connection that went beyond the typical workplace dynamic–built on genuine friendship–is what Salam says resonated with her the most.  “What’s kept me here is the strong relationship with the nail designer team,” she says. “That and the management and HQ teams are really, really supportive of us.”   

However, it’s not just the relationships within MiniLuxe that Salam says she gets a sense of satisfaction from, but the clients who share in the Studio experience. “Getting to know our clients makes the vibe at MiniLuxe better for everyone there.  Our morning techs have been with MiniLuxe for 10 years so they know everybody in the neighborhood and clients recognize each other too. It’s like one big conversation with everyone. We all talk, get to know each other, what we did on the weekend–so much fun.”   

This inclusive and positive energy even continues outside the Studio. “Honestly, when I started I just look at this as a part-time job–it was just a ‘nail salon’ to me–but when I began to get close with clients and my team, I realized it was so much more.  We’ll text each other and even workout together.” 

Her connection with her colleagues and clients growing, Salam not only saw the social benefits of MiniLuxe, but also the opportunity for professional growth and development. “I began as an experience associate and watched other front desk girls who I started with who have moved onto management positions within the Company,” she says.  “It’s really inspiring to see them thriving. It made me want to do more in the Company–MiniLuxe really encourages that. They’ve pushed my development and encouraged me to get out of my comfort zone.” 

Inspired by Salam’s journey?  Share it with friends or visit our careers page to see how you can make a #MiniMoment of change.