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Get Stuck on These Summer Nail Wraps

Taking a moment to give your hands a well-deserved polish at home can be a relaxing and rewarding form of selfcare.  

Nail Director: Christa teach us how to apply your nail wraps at home!

For some of us, uncapping our favorite nail polish color and successfully painting our non dominant hand is all we need to lift our mood. But sometimes, it takes a little extra color and creativity to properly express nail attitude. 

“I fell in love with nail art because I  found that it is a form of self-expression that can be as quiet or as loud as you want it to be,”   says Nina Park, the nail artist who designed our new nail wraps. 

With these, you don’t need to be an expert nail artist like Nina to achieve a detailed nail design — all you need is 10 minutes and your willingness to create. 

Our Nail Wrap collaboration with Nina Park offers five playful designs to add an extra touch of expression in your next manicure. Below, are our five summer-approved nail art looks for everyone to try out! 

Signature Floral 

Exclusive to MiniLuxe, this Signature design showcases the latest polish colors from the recently launched Humanity Collection reinterpreted in a fresh, floral design. Give yourself a hand if this is your pick since Humanity’s colors were selected to inspire action and positive change in our communities. 

Pure Polish Pairings:  Empathy and Eden Roc 


This refreshing summertime design features citrusy pops of color perfect for your beach, BBQ, or pool days. Lemons works both as a statement-making full manicure or an accent nail — and is just the thing to juice up your look. 

Pure Polish Pairings:  Little Miss Sunshine  or  Calla Lily 


This light floral design features white flowers on a clear background. If you’re just dipping your toe (or finger!) into nail art, Fresh lets you get creative without adding too much distraction.  

Pure Polish Pairings:  Twilight  or  Iris 

Banana Leaf 

Banana Leaf makes a lavish statement (think: the bungalows at the Beverly Hills Hotel) but keeps it fun and playful. Consider it for an accent nail paired with a hot pink manicure (check out 500 Days of Summer Pure Polish) or other bright summery colors. 

Pure Polish Pairings:  500 Days of Summer  or Generosity 


This modern and minimalist look features geometric shapes with negative space in the background. It’s perfect for a chic, minimalist nail design when you don’t want your hands to do too much of the talking. 

Pure Polish Pairings:  Balance  or  Compassion 

Our nail wrap kits include everything you need to easily apply and enjoy a long-lasting manicure. All you need to do is pick a wrap —, or two, or three — that matches your style.  

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