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Group Booking Policy

Upon submitting this form, a team member from your preferred studio will reach out 24 to 48 hours after receiving your submission. Please note that submitted requests are not guaranteed bookings.


We do require a credit card to hold the booking for all group events of five or more. Your card will not be charged for any services until the day of the event, and only in the event of cancelled services, per the “CANCELLATION” terms below. Once we receive your completed request with guest names, and a service list for your guests, we will attempt to book your requested appointment right away. A studio team member will follow up if there is any need for clarification. Note: your appointment is not guaranteed until we have received a credit card to hold your booking.


  • Please notify us at least 48 hours in advance if you must cancel or make any changes to your appointments.  
  • Groups who cancel without proper notice, including partial cancellations to their services or do not show up, will be charged the full amount of their scheduled services, plus 20% gratuity
  • Please call us if you are running late; we will do our best to accommodate you upon your arrival.

Food & Drink

Due to sanitation protocols we do not allow food and drink (including alcohol) during the time of your visit.