Healthy, Happy You

Colors to influence Your Mindset
How the right color of polish will help set your 2020 mindset for success

Taking on the New Year, a full 365 days fresh, can be both exciting and intimidating. A blank canvas for you to redefine your attitude, your priorities, your everything.  

So much of accomplishing goals is about mastering your mindset. Color has been scientifically studied to understand its diverse influence on the human mindset. Different colors have been found to evoke and drive different emotions.

Goals, like colors, can come in many forms. Want to go to the gym more frequently? That may require energy from yellows and oranges. Perhaps you are starting a new career and need to stay focused and productive. This will require inspiration from stable ocean grays and blues.

What healthy, happy you mindset do you and your nails need this 2020?

For 2020 I want to be… Calm & Centered 

This tranquil cool-toned pair evokes a feeling of peace and serenity. The pale hydrangea blue of Twilight and the opaque, light grey of Astor work together to stabilize and balance your mood, reminding you that you’re good enough to accomplish all your 2020 goals. 

For 2020 I want to be… Energized & Motivated

This vibrant, eye-catching pair inspires an enthusiastic and optimistic attitude. The playful coral of 90210 and the metallic glitter of Golden Age will put you in a positive mindset, giving you the drive and encouragement needed to start the new year right. 

For 2020 I want to be… Bold & Powerful

This pair is the ultimate mood setter if you are ready to have a “Boss Lady” moment. The hot-lava, blue-toned red of Poinsettia, and the rich-volcanic black of Caviar will draw out your confidence, power, and self-acceptance. These are classically, bold colors not to be fooled with this year.

For 2020 I want to be… Focused & Productive

This fresh, charming pair calls to mind feelings of ambition and clarity. The sheer, creamy white of Paparazzi and the pink-toned mauve of Leading Lady will keep you grounded and remind you to be present and committed to effectively accomplishing your goals.