How to Step Up Your Look With Nail Wraps

Fun and easy to apply, our MiniLuxe Nail Wraps, created in partnership with Nina Park (@ninanailedit), are the perfect add-on to any nail look.

Play nail artist at-home, no matter what your skill level. All you need is 10 minutes for a well-deserved moment of self-care.

Watch the how-to video above, or follow these steps to create your ideal — made for social media — manicure.

Prep: Clean and shape your nails so that they are ready for application. (Check out our At-Home Signature Manicure Tutorial)./p>

What You’ll Need 

Step 1. Pick your favorite nail wrap design.

Step 2. Size wraps to nail. For each nail, find the wrap that best matches the round portion of your cuticle.

Step 3. Apply the wrap to each nail.

Remove plastic backing from each side of the wrap. Place the sticky-side onto your nail, fitting the rounded end to your cuticle.

Pro Tip: Make sure to leave a slight gap between the wrap and your cuticle.

Step 4. Gently stretch wrap until it smoothly covers your nail.

Pull the wrap around the free edge (the part of your nail that grows past your finger) and carefully buff or pinch off any excess wrap.

Pro Tip: Don’t like your placement? Carefully lift the wrap from your nail and replace! Use the heat of your finger to smooth out any small bumps.

Step 5. Trim the wrap to fit your nail.

Using a file, buff in a downward motion to remove any excess pieces of wrap from the free edge.

Optional: If needed, gently use the flat side of an orangewood stick to smooth the wrap firmly to nail plate.

Step 6. Give your wraps a final clean up.

Using a clean-up brush dipped in acetone, gently dab (but don’t wipe!) the edges of the wrap at the cuticle area to blend and secure the product into the nail. If needed, gently wipe the free edge to remove any last bits of excess wrap.

Fun Fact: These wraps are printed with actual nail polish!

Step 7. Go shine and last longer

Top with one layer of MiniLuxe Pure Shine Top Coat. Make sure to fully cover the edges of the wrap for longest lasting results.

Give your top coat five minutes to dry. ;

For final shine and strength, use MiniLuxe No Smudge Finisher on each nail for added protection and high shine.

Pro Tip: Do not use a “quick dry” top coat as a shortcut. It will cause the wrap to wrinkle!