How to Prolong Your Manicure

4 expert tips to help your manicure last longer

You just got to the office. Your morning began in bliss with a manicure at your favorite spot. Your nails look perfect — ready for the upcoming weekend festivities.

Then it happens. Everyone’s nightmare — a chip. A dent. A stain. Not again! It’s only been a couple of days. You try to do your best to make it look better, but the confidence that fresh manicure gave you is starting to fade.

Trust us, we’ve been there too. Even after getting 11/10 service, life happens, and we need to put up our best defenses to protect our little mood boosters. Below we share some secrets…

Cuticle Oil Every Day

Every nail designer will tell you cuticle oil is their can’t-live-without-product. We promise, they aren’t lying! Just like your skin or hair, your nails behave better when they’re moisturized! Dry nails tend to crack, bend and peel — which causes your polish to chip or lift. Moisturized nails lead to manicure longevity. Use our Roller Ball Nourishing Oilon your cuticles daily for healthy hydration.

“Just like your skin or hair, your nails behave better when they’re moisturized! Use our Roller Ball Nourishing Oil on your cuticles daily for healthy hydration.”

Play Offense

The free edge (aka the area of your nail beyond your finger) is the weakest part of the nail, so it tends to chip the quickest. File nails down slightly with a soft file and reseal with Pure Shine Top Coat. Yes, long nails are dreamy, but there’s a reason natural nails struggle to maintain that length. Know your nails and the daily care they require.  

Nail Wear Leads to Nail Tear

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a thousand times — your nails are jewels, not tools! We know most people don’t have the luxury of constantly protecting their fingers: Wash a lot of dishes? Wear gloves. Opening boxes? Use scissors, not your nails. Harsh activity can break the adhesion between polish and nail. Small steps make big differences!

Re-Amp Your Shine

One way to help combat chipping and dulling is with a quick reapplication of Pure Shine Top Coat every two days. Not only will this renew the shine, but it will also act as an additional barrier from life’s bumps!