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Humanity Collection

Humanity Collection
Us, together ... Join us in celebrating Humanity.

Spring is a time to refresh, renew and look toward the future with optimism. As women, we have the chance to change the world’s narrative. If we keep the points of Humanity at top of mind, we can make a difference one MiniMoment at the time. With Us Together, there is no limit to what we can do.

We celebrate these values of unity and gratefulness with our Spring 2020 Humanity collection: Eight bold, diverse colors inspired by latest fashion trends.


“Harmony’s” light lavender hue brings us back into equilibrium, giving you the power to reach out and connect at a pace that works best for you.


“Empathy’s” sprawling sky blue is as big as your heart that understands others and can express itself too.


The metallic silver finish of “Compassion” is a mirror for yourself and a sign of strength for others, helping you reflect and support one another through gloomy days.


The deep aquamarine of “Peace” is as tranquil as the tides of the warm shores you’ll soon bask near, washing away excess and replenishing what’s necessary.


Come back to center amidst the buzz and excitement of the season with the humbling snow white of “Balance,” a reminder of the ebb and flow of the seasons.


The subtle red of “Generosity” is just like you: A quiet giver that never lets anyone see your warm gestures–but we do–and that’s why we think you’re fabulous.


We once wished for what we now have, and as new friends, opportunities and experiences come our way, this cyan shade of “Gratitude” is the perfect way to remind us.


An electric pink that comes from your burning heart’s ability to not just create “Kindness,” but share it with the world wherever you go.