MiniLuxe x Ninanailedit Collaboration

Nail art for all
Nina Park began painting nails while getting her Master's in Education and she hasn’t stopped since! Read about her close ties to MiniLuxe and the collection available in studio.

For Nina Park (or as her 100k+ Instagram followers know her, @Ninanailedit) the possibilities for creative innovation are endless on the little canvases we call our nails. She’s painted nails during New York Fashion Week, was the lead designer on an episode of the TNT drama Claws, and she designs and operates her own nail wrap line with @goscratchit. A true Woman We Admire, her passion for empowered creativity is why we are so excited to have her as our partner for our new nail art collection. 

We chatted with Nina to learn more about the inspiration for the collection. 

Why did you choose to partner with MiniLuxe? 

I chose to collaborate with MiniLuxe because of their mission and focus on quality and experience. As an artist and consumer, I always love collaborating with companies that I personally get services from. My love for nail art began when I started getting manicures and I’d often get them from MiniLuxe. Partnering with MiniLuxe is really bringing my journey full circle!  

“In a world where we’re all going a million miles a minute, I always appreciate the time for self-care” 

What led you to become @Ninanailedit? 

I fell in love with nail art because I found that it is a form of self-expression that can be as quiet or as loud as you want it to be. It also requires a certain amount of time and stillness and in a world where we’re all going a million miles a minute, I always appreciate the time for self-care.  

Tell us about your inspiration for the MiniLuxe nail art collection.

Abstract: The abstract nail art is “quick” nail art that is meant to make an impact. It can be as colorful or as neutral as you want it to be! This is definitely one of the more trendy looks on the menu.  

Foil: This nail art is very classically pretty. While it’s eye-catching, it’s nail art that is suitable for the workplace while still managing to be very pretty.  

Marble: I always think of marble nails as being understated but with an air of luxury. While this design doesn’t have tons of colors, its neutral palette is very pleasing. 

Striping Tape: Striping tape manicures are always fun because of their graphic nature. The angular lines in this particular design draw the eye in and they are fun without being overly dramatic.  

Glitter Fade: You can never go wrong with a glitter fade. It’s simple but the sparkle always brings a little more joy into your day. 

Ombre: Ombre nails are always a good option when you want to step up your mani but not make it too crazy. This nail art would be great for someone who just wants a touch of nail art. 

Half Moon: The negative space half-moon is another classically pretty design. I always love having all my nails in this design with a dark, brooding shade in the fall or a cool neutral in the spring. 

Diagonal Negative Space: Sometimes simple nail art is the best. The diagonal lines in this manicure elongate the nail beds and the design looks great in any and all shades.  

Rectangle + Dot (Aka The MiniLuxe): These simple shapes pair well with any color and act as nail jewelry. I really believe this pairing is a paragon of simple beauty. 

Simple Floral: These tiny flowers are a great accent to any manicure. They’re dainty enough to be worn in any situation.  

Brush Stroke: The brush stroke design can be bold or understated depending on the colors you choose. Either way, it is a super fun design that adds a splash of color to your manicure! 

You can get any of the MiniLuxe x @Ninanailedit nail art collection in any one of our 24 studios. 

Two Nails: $10 

All Hands: $25 

@MiniLuxe x @Ninanailedit