October is Global Diversity Awareness Month

A month to increase awareness about the diversity of cultures, embrace our differences and celebrate our similarities.

In June, we took a stand as part of the Black Lives Matter movement and created an action plan and a declaration about what WE WILL do as a company. As CEO, I could not be prouder to share what we’ve done since to pay tribute to the diverse minds and beliefs held by all cultures around the world.

We will listen and learn from the resources and voices of the community. We will create a national employee coalition representing different races to facilitate regular conversation focused on how we can empower diversity and action.

  • We created our first Employee Resource Group, Colors of MiniLuxe to engage discussion around how we’ll be more inclusive and celebrate diversity further, and what we’ll do to execute our social responsibility.
  • We’ve established a “People First” initiative focused on the development of shared values that influence how we act with one other, our clients and our stakeholders.
  • We are building an evolved talent management process, ensuring a diverse candidate pool for all open roles in the field and at headquarters.

We will implement regular training for our team around understanding privilege, systemic racism and ways that our brand can continue to create change.

  • We’ve partnered with an external diversity and inclusion expert to create a platform for open conversation amongst our team, providing tools and tips for holding an inclusive space and driving educational awareness.

We will use our platform and products to share the stories of our black community in order to evoke meaningful conversation or action around the topic.

  • We’ve honored our commitment to share stories and ensure representation from the different voices in all of the communities we reach.
  • This fall, we launched our Take the Lead polish collection with the intent to inspire our community to take their own leads.
  • We paired the launch with a curated Take the Lead Live series on Instagram, cultivating partnerships with a diverse group of women to catalyze conversation and change.

I am excited about what we’ve done so far towards our WE WILL action plan and look forward to ensure diversity and inclusivity are celebrated every day at MiniLuxe.


Us Together,

Zoe Krislock, CEO

Zoe Krislock