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Our Polish Story

Honestly Clean. Undeniably Rich Color.
Our MiniLuxe Pure Polish Formula embodies our commitment to clean and to providing our work force and clients with the most ethical products.

At home or in studio, you can be assured that our MiniLuxe 8-Free Pure Polish means that the 8 MOST harmful ingredients have been removed.

Over 10 years ago we introduced our industry leading 3-free formula, ready to challenge the idea that using the best quality polish also meant risking your health.

To give the appearance of healthy, brands include ingredients like gluten, wheat or fat, that do not pose a health threat, in their claims of 8-Free nail polish. With many companies still relying on toxic chemicals to maintain their polish quality, we knew committing to being “honestly clean” would require a lot of sleeve-rolling, hard work.

From our 3 to 5 and now 8-Free formula, we continue to dedicate ourselves to researching and consulting with experts to offer a toxic free product that still has the rich color and long-lasting traits you expect in a great polish.

Leading the industry honestly is anything but easy, but for our polish and all our other products, offering amazing quality, in both clean and beauty, is the MiniLuxe way.

We may not know the industry’s next safe beauty opportunity but we can tell you this; wherever innovation leads, we will be there.

Want to learn more about these toxic-chemicals removed from our Pure Polish? Check out our 8-Free article here.