MiniLuxe Founder’s Letter

Our Purpose and Founding Story
A letter of thanks to all those sharing in our self-care movement

Since our founding, MiniLuxe’s purpose has been about conscious self-care, rooted in the belief that to become the best version of who we are, to care and be present for others, we first need to attend to ourselves.  More than just “me-time,” self-care is about self-respect, self-reflection and self-expression.

To do right by this mission, we had to be leaders in clean and ethical nail-care and waxing for our clients and our now 500-member team. Our founding backgrounds in biochemistry, and our own personal immigrant stories, inspire us to set the highest possible standards.

From our outset we’ve been pioneers for clean products, service protocols, health and hygiene standards and fair labor practices that promote independence, skill development and career progression. We started MiniLuxe to transform the nail care industry and shift cultural attitudes around it. To us, it’s unfathomable that the most popular beauty service in the world is among the least regulated. There had to be a better, cleaner alternative while still maintaining the relaxation and centering of self-care and the simple fun and joy that color brings. There is.  

To date, we’ve performed over 2 million services—each one a reminder of the power and beauty of a single MiniMoment of self-care. Thank you for being part of our journey and movement.

Tony Tjan (Founder, MiniLuxe)