External Recruiting Terms & Conditions

ATTENTION: PLEASE READ THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THE MINILUXE EXTERNAL REFERRAL PROGRAM HERE. Anyone that has a friend, relative or network connection can benefit from it, as long as the below guidelines and conditions are kept.


  • The individual HAS NOT applied proactively for any of MiniLuxe job openings in the past 2 years.​
  • The individual HAS NOT been employed by our company at any point in the past.​
  • The individual IS NOT currently employed by MiniLuxe​
  • The individual HAS to be a LICENSED Nail Technician/Designer​
  • The individual HAS the capacity to a minimum of 20 hours per week.​
  • The individual IS ELIGIBLE to get hired based on current labor laws.​


  • The individual IS NOT a recruitment consultant, agency, or other business that seeks to place candidates with companies in exchange for money.​
  • The individual IS NOT a current employee of MiniLuxe.​
  • The individual HAS the approval of the referee to use his/her personal data for the purposes of the referral.​

A one-time cash reward will be given out for the individual that gets successfully employed by B EYE. The reward’s volume will be based on the placement the referred gets employed in.​

Terms and conditions:

  • A successful hire is considered an employee that remain employed with MiniLuxe for 3 months/90days (with good performance)​
  • The bonus will be paid at the end of the 3months/90days of employement.​
  • In case of successful completion of the trial period, the referrer must provide his/her personal information for the bank transaction to be completed.​
  • Once notified of the eligibility for a bonus, the referrer should provide their details within 30 days. After the 30 days expire, the bonus ceases to be valid.​
  • It is the referrer’s responsibility to report this bonus to the relevant tax authorities, if applicable.​
  • Submitting a referral does not imply any type of employment relationship between the referrer and MiniLuxe.​
  • MiniLuxe recruitment team is the sole decision-maker for the eligibility of a referral. The team has the right to reject or dismiss a referral without notification or justification of the decision made.​
  • Job ads that haven’t been listed on this page as part of the referral program do not fall under the eligibility criteria and will not be rewarded.​
  • The program is applicable only for job openings currently available on the MiniLuxe Careers Page. Please refer to the page before submitting a form.

Revised September 21, 2021