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Clean and Safe is why we started

Pioneers of Clean

Have you ever wondered why there are no “typical” nail salon smells at a MiniLuxe studio? Or, what goes on inside our purple tinted Clean Lab? What is the difference between our tool sterilization pouches versus other salons? What does clean really look like?

For more than a decade, we’ve been the Pioneers of Clean. For us, clean is more than a philosophy, it’s at the core of why we started MiniLuxe.

Below are key components of the clean and hygiene protocols that we have believed in, embraced, and continued to advocate for and further advance. We know this is a lot more detail than we typically share, but in these challenging times, we are reminded and proud of our founding heritage and of our continuing dedication to setting the industry’s highest standards.

Differentiating Our Points of Clean

1) It’s in our DNA and Founding Philosophy

Our mission, to be the standard for clean and ethical nail care, goes back to our beginning, built on the backgrounds of our founders and medical advisors.

2) Industry’s Only and Most Advanced Clean Lab

As the Pioneers of Clean, we lead the industry with our proprietary Clean Lab. The Clean Lab has a 3-step surgical grade sterilization for all tools.

  • Step 1: Good Vibrations – Ultrasonic cleansing is used by dental hygienists to remove deposits and buildup on tools.  It uses high frequency ultrasound with an enzymatic cleanser.
  • Step 2: The Sterilizing Autoclaving Beast – Not all autoclaves are created equal.  We use a surgical grade autoclave, by MidMark, offering high temperature (275 degrees) to kill viruses and high pressure (15+ PSI) to kill bacteria.
  • Step 3: Verified Sterilization – All metal service tools go through STEP 2 in sterilization-packs. Each pack has a verification indicator – look for the “grey dot” to confirm sterilization.

Hygienist is our trained employee responsible for overseeing our sterilization process and minimize cross-contamination.

3) Beyond the Clean Lab: Best Practice Hygiene

  • Double hand sterilization protocol for clients and employees before each service.
  • Mandatory surgical gloves for all service providers while performing services.
  • Single disposable use for all non-metal tools, including files and buffers used once and discarded.
  • Zero cross-contamination for our products (e.g. no double dipping of wax applicators).
  • Hourly clean and disinfection of our studio common areas, from runway to door handles.

4) Triple Pedicure Station Protection

  • No-whirlpool pedicure tubs prevent bacteria circulation in warm water environment.
  • Micro-Kill disinfection used to wipe down of all pedicure stations after each service.
  • MadaCide spray disinfection used as a final, more intensive disinfector.

5) Safe and Ethical Products

  • Safest and highest quality products including our own MiniLuxe non-toxic, ethical polish and nail care treatments.
  • Strict no acrylic policy due to carcinogenic and toxicity level of the services’ products.

6) Clean Air Quality

  • High-grade ventilation and filtration for preventing infiltration of pollutants.
  • Voluntary air quality testing to ensure our air quality far surpasses government standard.

7) Studio Disinfection Processes

  • CDC-recommended disinfection standards and EPA-approved cleaning supplies
  • Regular disinfecting deep cleaning of studio
  • Daily cleaning of studio common areas

8) Continued Enhancements

  • Regular guidance with public health and medical experts have allowed us to better understand and set the standard for clean, safe nail and waxing care.

We take all these processes seriously and we love telling our clean story, so please reach out with questions!