Traditions Collection

MiniLuxe Winter Polish 2019
Holiday 2019 Collection

Cranberry red cheeks, crisp white Snow and golden Champagne toasts. The Traditions Collection are the colors we come back to every year to remind us of what we cherish most.  Past and yet to comethese familiar shades are what a MiniMoment is made of, helping you continue your own Traditions with one of our nostalgic polishes below. 


Clean, crisp and no expectations.  A subtle but clear statement that can take you from hard days work to a sophisticated night out.


Whether you need a personal party for a stressful day or are mingling with family and friends, let yourself shine with Champagne’s silver sparkle.

Spiced Cider

Complex and rich to stoke your inner fire, Spiced Cider is a take charge shade for awakening your senses on those extra chilly days.


Being bundled up in turtlenecks and parkas doesn’t mean you can’t still pop with the floral fun rouge of Poinsettia.  


It’s what brings us all together, glowing with fiery richness of the shimmering red.

Winter Solstice

Some lament the shorter, darker days, but Winter Solstice’s shimmering blue-green is perfect for those of us that are at our best when the night is long. 


Wholesome and comforting, Cranberry’s bold deep red is for when you feel like sharing your abundance of positive vibes.  


Velvet’s intimate and indulgent purple speaks to all the sweet things in your life you love to relish.