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We made Oprah’s List!

Celebrating why we are one of Oprah's Favorite Things.
Rich, holiday colors with a story set to inspire your next #MiniMoment

Maybe you read—because we certainly did!—that Oprah Winfrey named MiniLuxe one of her Favorite Things in the December issue of O, The Oprah Magazine. Honestly, we couldn’t be more honored, thrilled and flattered. I wanted to devote this post to spreading this news nationwide, and for those who don’t know about us, or what we stand for, to tell you more about what MiniLuxe is.

       When we opened our first store ten years ago, the typical nail salon was a study in beige and linoleum, lined with generic bottles with white caps; maybe a calendar or wall clock to liven up the gloom. Nail salon employees, most if not all female, worked obscenely long hours, and were paid under the table. There was no job security, paid time off or retirement benefits. Not least, the environment in most nail salons was about as toxic to human health as one could get. This meant that whenever you went to get a manicure or pedicure, a visit designed to infuse joy, confidence, style, inspiration and refuge (sometimes all these things at the same time), your experience was altered by the suspicion you were contributing to the nail industry’s very worst practices.

        The bad news? Not much has changed in the standard nail salon since then, certainly nothing transformational—with the exception of MiniLuxe.

        When we started MiniLuxe, our goal was to be the leading clean and ethical personal beauty and self-care brand in the world, and to provide the highest-quality overall experience and conditions in the nail and waxing industry. Then and now, our shops feature clean, carefully curated instruments and tools, as well as the cleanest possible lacquers and polishes, free of the 8 most toxic chemicals (formaldehyde, toluene, etc.) commonly used in contemporary nail salons that nearly everyone agrees are incredibly harmful to human health. MiniLuxe’s emphasis on clean also infiltrated our philosophy and values. We initiated clean hiring practices, offering top earnings, benefits, and future opportunities for our designers and estheticians. We also want every one of our customers to leave MiniLuxe with a clean conscience, so they can experience the joyful MiniMoment of getting a manicure or pedicure without any reservations whatsoever.

       But why choose Miniluxe, especially when sometimes you have to pay a little bit more? Because our products and services are more than that. They’re at the heart of our mission to offer not just the cleanest possible ingredients and environment, but the best possible opportunities and benefits for our employees. You might not know it, but a visit to MiniLuxe makes an impact. It’s an investment in the greater good and in the greater good that is you. That, more than anything else, is worth celebrating.

        We live in a world where things move scarily fast, where it’s hard to keep up, keep on track and maintain balance (never mind sanity). We tell ourselves that if we meditate and exercise and eat right we’re checking off every possible self-care box. If you’re anything like me, you sometimes forget that it’s within your power to observe the MiniMoments that take place over the course of your day; Embrace them with meaning, beauty and gratitude. A MiniMoment can be anything from having coffee with a friend, to going shopping with your daughter, to finding your car keys or reading glasses without spending 20 minutes turning your house or apartment upside down. I hope you, have the chance, as I have many times, to experience a MiniLuxe MiniMoment, because nothing feels better than strutting out of a studio, knowing you just had the best manicure or pedicure of your life.

        Look, I know: manicures and pedicures aren’t exactly in the same category as nuclear fission. But whether you come into one of our studios to get pampered, give yourself a break from endless emails, or simply add a splash of color, boldness and style to a black-and-white day, you’ll go home feeling restored, knowing you’re better off than when you came in. Creating the MiniLuxe MiniMoment is something we’re proud of, and take very seriously—especially as these moments work to inspire women to connect and lead one another.

         l’ll address this more in my next post, when I’ll be introducing our Spring collection, devoted to a handful of bold principles the world needs now (more than ever before). In the meantime, thank you, Oprah, and on November 18th, check out ABC’s The View, when Adam Glassman, Oprah’s Creative Director, goes into detail with the four hosts about what he loves most about MiniLuxe. (I can’t wait.)