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Why 8-Free is More Than Just a Trend.

Our MiniLuxe Pure Polish
Science has shown us the dangers of 8 chemicals, which is why our polish was engineered 8-Free.

Would you like some toxins with that mani? Yeah, neither would we. 

There’s no getting around it – fabulous nail lacquer will never be “all natural”. Some of the “best” polishes will always contain chemicals, pigments, and bonding agents. We, however, believe that an honestly great polish should be healthy for you while providing you with fantastic looking nails. Science has shown us the dangers of the following 8 chemicals, which is why our polish was engineered 8-Free. 

Read more about these chemicals and you will learn why, as the pioneers of clean, we designed MiniLuxe Pure Polish. 

We are Formaldehyde–Free 

Was used to harden and strengthen nail polish BUT may cause cancer, asthma, nausea. 

Formaldehyde has been used for decades in almost all our most popular polish brands. Formaldehyde helps increase polish shelf life…hmmm. Sounds great but this chemical is seriously harmful. Not only is it carcinogenic (cancer causing), but it can cause asthma and issues for pregnant women. We’d prefer our 8-Free Pure Polish and avoid formaldehyde. 

We are Toluene–Free 

Was used for easier polish application BUT may cause neurological damage and respiratory problems. 

Aka paint thinner. Toluene has long been added to polish to help thin and smooth it for easier application. This also means potential neurological damage, respiratory issues, and abnormal fetal development. Let’s leave the toluene in the paint not the polish. 

We are Dibutyl Phthalate–Free 

Was used to minimize polish chipping BUT may impair fetal development and cause early onset menopause. 

We lovingly call this DBP since we honestly can’t consistently pronounce this. What we do know is DBP is often used in polish to reduce chipping. DBP joins Formaldehyde as a possible carcinogen, as well as having documented effects of reproductive toxicity. Trust us, we’d rather have the chip. 

We are Formaldehyde Resin–Free 

Was used to make nail polish more durable BUT may also cause nerve damage and hormone imbalances. 

Formaldehyde Resin is used in polishes to make them more durable, except the trade-off is a risk of allergic reaction. This toxin is also the culprit of yellowing nails and as Formaldehydes cousin, it is a possible carcinogen, and long-term exposure can damage the liver. Yellow nails are NOT us. 

Honestly, great polish should be healthy for you while providing you with fantastic looking nails.”

We are Camphor–Free 

Camphor was used to give polish gloss and shine BUT it may cause allergic reactions and skin irritations. 

Sound familiar? It’s a common ingredient found in cold medicine, like vapor rubs and nasal sprays. Camphor is used to give polish it’s high gloss shine. Though less toxic than the others, studies show that it can trigger severe skin irritation. Inhaling it can cause nausea, dizziness, and headaches. Long term exposure has been linked to liver dysfunction and organ damage. Who needs Camphor, it might help cure a cold, but we have our 8-Free Pure Shine Top Coat to make our nails look like glass.  

We are Triphenyl Phosphate–Free 

Was used as a plasticizer in nail polish BUT may affect hormones, metabolism, and reproduction. 

Another one we can’t pronounce! In polish, TPhP is used as a plasticizer, making it flexible on the nail. What else can you use it for? How about as flame retardant for furniture..? This chemical is an endocrine disruptor- meaning it can alter your hormones and metabolism! Studies show significant absorption of this chemical after just ONE coat of polish. No thank you, TPhP. 

We are Ethyl Tosylamide–Free 

Ethyl Tosylamide was used to help dry polish BUT may cause skin irritation 

BFF’s with THPH, Ethyl T. is used in polishes to increase durability and adhesion BUT it is known to cause severe allergic reactions and is a hormone disruptor. Europe has gone as far as to ban it’s use in cosmetics completely, and we completely agree with that decision.

We are Xylene–Free 

Xylene was used to keep polish from thickening BUT may cause headaches in addition to eye and skin irritation. 

Xylene’s a trickster, emitting a sweet smell but also causing some nasty side effects. It’s used to make nail polish last longer; sounds great, but it just means more time for this chemical to cause headaches, dizziness and nausea. Not to mention, potential kidney failure, respiratory issues and gastrointestinal toxicity with long term exposure. We say not so great.