The Pride of MiniLuxe

Why these two talented nail designers are Women We Admire

At MiniLuxe there are few women we admire more than our own employees. So, in celebration of Pride Month we’re spotlighting Audrey and Nikki, co-workers and life partners in our Hingham location.

Together for over 21 years, their unwavering commitment to one another is what brought them from Thailand to the U.S., and what eventually led them to join our nail designer training program – it wasn’t enough to just live together, they wanted to work together! 

Their love for one another as well as their love for individual uniqueness is the energy they bring to their “MiniLuxe Hingham Family.” 

Here, Audrey and Nikki share their stories with us, from how they met, married and came to MiniLuxe to their favorite Pure Polish colors.

Miniluxe: Tell us how you met?

Audrey: We were born in a small village in Thailand and met when we were very young, maybe 2, 3 years old. We studied together in kindergarten but didn’t really know each other. We didn’t end up dating until we came back to our small village after Nikki went to study in Bangkok. 

Nikki: When I saw Audrey, my family was actually trying to set her up with my uncle. I had no idea she even liked women then. I was the one who ended up falling for her. 

Audrey: In Thailand they are pretty open [about gay marriage]. Nikki’s parents didn’t accept at first. They were shocked, but then they accepted. My mom tried to match me with a guy. 

Nikki: Audrey was just so pretty! 

Miniluxe: What do you love most about each other?

Audrey on NikkiNikki is so beautiful inside. She is so sincere. She is the one that is never negative. She has an amazing heart. 

Nikki on Audrey: The first time I saw her with her long hair, I thought she was very cute. Her face is always smiling and she will smile to people she doesn’t even know — you think she is friends with them. 

Miniluxe: What’s it like working with your life partner every day?

Nikki: Before working for MiniLuxe, I came to Hingham Shoppes and decided I wanted to work at this mall. I initially tried to find a job at the bakery, but then I had a friend who told me how fun doing nails is and how MiniLuxe was a company where they would train you. Audrey and me got to train together and work together so we could work together! It was a dream come true.  

It’s crazy that people don’t want to come to work. I don’t get it. I LOVE to get to work! I’m so happy, it’s amazing. With Audrey, we work together and have the day off together. It’s my dream. This is my dream. My experience with clients, teammates, my relationship. That is harmony. 

MiniLuxe: You have been together for 21 years, but you’re actually newlyweds — tell us your wedding story! 

Nikki: Our wedding was so cute! We have been together for so long, but never thought about marriage. It wasn’t until a co-worker at MiniLuxe gave us the idea to get married.  

Audrey: On January 21st, my birthday, I said to Nikki “Let’s get married,” and right there we went to City Hall. I thought it would be easy to remember our anniversary if it was on my birthday. It wasn’t that easy: They wouldn’t let us get married immediately.  

So we decide to come back on the 29th  but we didn’t want to make a big deal out of it. We mentioned we were going to get married and our co-workers freaked out a little bit. One co-worker told us we cannot get married unless the whole team could come — and insisted that she give us a proper party.  

Nikki: On the 29th, everyone finished work early at 3 pm and we got married at 5 pm at City Hall. We all worked on our wedding day! 

All the co-workers came to help set everything up. One co-worker did my hair, one got the flowers, one helped me pick out my dress (the day before the wedding!) one did my make-up, one did the decorating. Everyone brought food! 

MiniLuxe: Did you go on a honeymoon? 

“We’ve been on a honeymoon already for 21 years, we didn’t need one!” 

MiniLuxe: Why do you think you work so well together? 

Nikki: We are lucky because we love to do the same things. We love to hike and go mushroom hunting. We love to go kayaking. We made our MiniLuxe family do a kayaking party! 

Audrey: We are similar 70 percent — same lifestyle, interests, food — and we never fight about that 70 percent!  We eat the whole chicken: Nikki likes the white meat and I like the dark meat — we complement. 

MiniLuxe: What are your secrets to your relationship success

Audrey: We fight a lot — and that is important. Don’t fight for a winner. Fight to tell the other person to get to know each other. You come from a different family and have different opinions so it makes sense that you will disagree.  

Nikki: You must know that the other person doesn’t want to hurt you, but if you are different you have to talk. It is all based on love.  

Audrey: Before you go to bed, don’t be angry. Hug each other and sleep well together. Don’t carry it overnight. 

MiniLuxe: How are you celebrating Pride Month? 

Audrey: Every day for us is just important and so special. We are so passionate about celebrating everyone being able to feel themselves every day. 

“We are so passionate about celebrating everyone being able to feel themselves every day.”