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We're here for you. And her. And him. And them. Self-care for all is our mission — and that includes our team. Our clean polish, products, and services are carefully curated to impact and empower our talent and clients.

Passion. Opportunity. Creative Expression.

Our team
Our team

Passion. Opportunity. Creative expression. We’re not just building a company. We’re committed to transforming — and inspiring — an entire industry to better the lives of our talent. Your truest self is always welcome at MiniLuxe.

Self-care = Loving yourself. It’s important to love yourself because it teaches others how to love you. How you carry yourself, how you respect yourself. How you present yourself to the world other people will give that back.
Bex, MiniLuxe Designer of 5 years
We love Bex
Our clean
Our clean

When you experience MiniLuxe, you’re getting the ultimate standard for clean. No toxins, no fumes, no questionable ingredients. Just MiniLuxe.